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A leaking water because of buildup, a problem that can be solved with a pipe descaling plumber such as Integrity Rooter & Plumbing in San Diego.

The buildup of pipe scale is a common plumbing problem. It occurs in any residential or commercial plumbing system as minerals, debris, and residue coat the interior of the pipe, eventually causing a clog. Scale buildup is also caused by corrosion. At Integrity Rooter & Plumbing, we descale plumbing pipes in San Diego with professional care. Our technicians can restore your plumbing while avoiding the need for pipe replacement.

How Does Pipe Descaling Work?

Over time, pipe scaling will block water and waste flow and can cause sewer line backups. A pipe descaler provides a non-invasive way to clear pipes. There’s no digging or breaking apart walls. It’s often not even necessary to shut off the plumbing system during service.

Our team of professional plumbers offers these effective descaling services for San Diego customers to improve water flow, drainage, and pipe longevity.

Drain Snake

If a pipe is jammed up near a sink, toilet, or tub drain, a plumbing snake or auger can be used to dislodge the obstruction. This long, flexible metal tube can then remove the blockage by pulling it up. The tool can also break it apart or push the debris through so it flows with wastewater to the sewage line.

If more extensive drain descaling is needed, then abrasive tools and materials can be used to clear drains of buildup. Integrity Rooter & Plumbing is widely trusted for descaling drain pipes in San Diego and can quickly remedy your drainage problem.

Hydro Jet

Plungers and augers are best suited for minor clogs. A hydro jet is suited for a more severe clog. It can remove thick mineral or grease buildup or tree roots with high pressure streams of water. The process scours the interior walls clean to prevent additional debris from sticking to accumulated material.

Hydro jetting is a more permanent solution that involves more than unclogging and can prevent recurrent clogs. A rotating snake, on the other hand, usually just punches a hole through the material clogging a pipe. Therefore, a hydro jet avoids repeat service calls so it can be a more economical solution.

When Does My Pipe Need to Be Replaced?

Tough mineral scale and corrosion deposits can often be removed even in old cast-iron pipes. To be certain whether pipe descaling or replacement is best, consult with a plumber that specializes in descaling. Camera pipe inspection may be performed first. If the pipe is found to be obstructed due to build-up and reduced in size, the plumbing technician will suggest replacement. That’s when we rejuvenate and descale the pipes, up to 90% restoration, without needing to be replaced.

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Our plumbers are experienced at descaling plumbing pipes in San Diego. We use various methods to clear sewers and drains. Each of our plumbers is extensively trained and industry certified, while our services are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. To learn more about our pipe descaling services and affordable pricing, contact us today!